PE pipe for mining

With the advancement of the science& technology and the development of the materials science, the polyethylene tubing (PE) has been used more and more widely as its all-round performance,"Replace steel with plastic" has become trend of social development. The polyethylene tubing for coal mine is the engineering plastic product produced by GFD plastic pipe industry group, which can be widely used for the water supply under well in coal mine, drainage, compressed air, spouting mud and pumping gas.

GFD polyethylene tubing for coal mine has passed the inspection of the state mining mechanics quality monitoring & checking center (its performance meets with the enterprise standard Q/JDG.J02.23-2005 standard), passed the confirmation of the state mine department, and gained the"Coal mine safe symbol"certificate, which is the best choice to replace the steel pipe,glass reinforced plastics pipe.

The polyethylene tubing for coal mine is a kind of special plastic tubing,which can be applied to the pipe with pressure and non-pressure, and required the properties of retardant flame and anti-static, it features light weight,corrosion resistance, convenient for construction; the used material is the polyethylene pipe special material for coal mine, which can meet with special requirements of users.

Properties of PE pipe for mining

1.Light weight, long lifespan,convenient for constructionThe weight of the tubing is light, only 1/7 of the steel pipe and 1/2 of the glass-reinforced plastic pipe, while the lifespan is 4~5 times of the steel pipe, fast and convenient for transportation and installation, especially it can decrease the work intensity of workers under well, increasing work efficiency.2.Strong corrosion resistanceThe tubing has very strong corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance treatment is not needed, which can save relevant cost, the integrated economic benefit is 5~6 times of the steel pipe, it is suitable to transport high sulfur water under well especially.3.Great smoothness of the pipe wall, low flow resistance, not easy to scumThe anti-scum ability of the pipe is strong, it is not easy to scum for transporting the water containing ions of calcium and magnesium, it will save absterging cost largely. The inner wall is smooth, the roughness is 2/5 of the steel pipe, the transportation is small, under same condition, the transportation capacity can be improved by 30%.4.Convenient and reliable for installationThe tubing connection is reliable and convenient for installation, the construction period is short, saving construction cost, and the project cost can be decreased largely.5.High intensity, impact resistance, excellent mechanical featuresThe PE resin used by the tubing, the anti-aging performance is good, not easy to embrittle; the tenacity, can absorb the impact energy; excellent quick crack resistance performance, the breakage extension percentage can reach 200%, it is affected little by the land form when constructing under well.6.Proper flexibility, excellent dynamic rupture toughness KD value, out standing shock resistanceAs the feature of the PE material body, the tubing has some deformation without breaking when suffer outside force, and the quick crack resistance performance is good, the PE has good resistance ability to the land drop generated by the underground motion (especial the earth quake), properly complicated trench.When 5.9 degree of earth quake happened in April 2001 in Baoshan Yuannan, two loops of PE pipe was safe and sound, while other pipelines were all damaged, so the PE material is perfect material underground motion resistance at present.7.Retardant flame and anti staticThe retardant flame and anti static are distributed uniformly in the tubing body, so the retardant flame and anti static performance will be affected by working for long time. The retardant flame and anti static performances meet the national standard, suitable for the special inflammable and explosive place sunder well.8.Green and environment protectionThe raw material is PE resin, which is harmless to person, clean and non-toxic;the PE material is belonged to the food hygiene classification, which is used to water supply and drainage system, without the secondary pollution. The PE material can be recyclable, green and environment protection.

Application area

Water supply and drainage pipeline of mine, air compacted pipe, pumping gas pipe and spouting mud pipeline; the power cable, the protection pipe of the fiber cable communication signal cable of mine; the pressure or non-pressure pipeline under the condition of high gas or dust; the ventilation and drainage pipeline of the railway, road and tunnel.

Raw material

The raw material of GFD polyethylene pipe for coal mine is imported from overseas famous manufactures, as the quality of the raw material affect directly the product quality and stability.When selecting the raw material manufactures, referring to overseas experience,select the fixing material with high static electricity resistance and fireproof which is special for coal mine. Firstly, hold the quality pass well;secondly, there is good place for storing the raw material, reasonable batch and storing limitation, in addition, the raw material each batch should possess the quality certificate of the manufacture, besides, our company will carry out the inspection when going into factory, the raw martial which is not qualified must be returned, guaranteeing the raw material reliable.

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