Pex-AL-Pex Pipe


GFD Pex-Al-Pex pipe is a five layered pipe. The pipe consists of a layer of welded aluminum with polyethylene inner and outer layers which are bonded together with a special purpose hot melt adhesive. Extrusion molding method is adopted for composite of pipe. The pressure resistance of metal pipe and corrosion resistance of plastic pipe are combined to produce an optimum product for strength, longevity, and ease of installation, plus adaptability and standards compliance for a broad range of uses. This construction formula produces an incomparable pipe with the following features:

Strength of metal pipe which can be bended without bounce. Resistance to high temperatures, high pressure, and corrosion providing excellent performance.

Smooth inner surface reducing fluid transport resistance, superior to metal pipe of the same diameter by 30%.

Fire retardant beyond conventional pipe to a V0 level.

Heat insulating with a thermal conductivity of 0.45W/m-k; dramatically less than that of metal pipe, eliminating the need for additional outer heat insulation material.

Superior, time-saving cutting and connecting process using special purpose fittings instead of threading. Small diameter GFD pipee Pipe can be bended and eliminates the need for multiple fittings.

Waste savings for small diameter GFD pipe which supplied in rolls can be sized as needed.

Service life equals 50 years and beyond in many applications.

Additionally cost-saving due to light weight, which is approximately one-tenth that of galvanized pipe, reducing carriage costs and making on-site management easier and faster. Electromagnetic shielded.

Can be buried directly underground without need for additional conduit, while position is easily detectable with metal detector.

Antibiosis certified through utilization of aluminum core which completely seals off oxygen, preventing formation and reproduction of bacteria.


1.Cold and hot water system for buildings

2.Air - condition system and sewage treatment system

3.Concentration heating system in the residential houses

4.Floor radiant heating system and snow melting system of airport and traffic network

Technical Specification
Thermal conductivity
0.45 W/m.k
Coefficient of thermal expansion
0.025 mm/(m.k)
Bending radius
>= 5D (D means outside diameter)
Working temperature (°C)
-40°C - 95°C
0 % (Nil)
Burst Pressure/ Working
85.98 bar/ 5515.81 Kpa
Corrosion Resistance
Burning Resistance
Grade B1 of GB8624

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