vertical check valve


Brass Valve Brief Introduction

Compression brass fitting connect with the multilayer pipe is the basic way of pipe connection. It is the best choice of products to the small diameter pipe line because of its easy to connect and disassembly, fastness connection, high pressure resistant and seal connection, the compression fitting which according to the feasure of the flesibility pipes whiche creep under the heat and press was designed with several relating groove and automatic fasten setup. Moreover, characteristic of compact structure, high quality material and easy installation make it with more advantage( including low cost, widely used, not need special tool then connection and so on) than the overseas products. So it has strongly competed ability in and abroad.


the main body used HPb58-2 as the raw material and nichel-plated the surface. This guarantees the attractive appratance and prevent the bad substance infract people..
reasonable socket, scalarigorm C reed ring and screw cap design makes the connection of pipes and fittings with better ability of fastness airproof and prevent brushing off.
the seal material used high quality EPDM which resistant high temperature up to 90-100℃ it improved the heat-resistant circumscription and assure high-temperature flexibility and longevity.

more advantage like convenient install and take-down, fasten connection, explosion proof resistance of pressure and airproof ability.


Industrial and residential building, hotel, airport, station, water supply and distribute system for home, water supply system, hot and water system, pharmacy, foodstuff, beverage and liquid distribution of sanitation.

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